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Covered Underpass at the Jabotinsky Intersection

Petach Tikva
Developer: N.T.A. – Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd
Scope of Project: NIS 100 million
Approximate length: 1.5 kilometers

Development work and paving of approximately 1.5 kilometers, replacing infrastructure and making changes in traffic movement in order to build a 600-meter long underpass, including a covered area of about 180 meters under the intersection itself.
Drilling of about 19,000 meters of micro piles as well as drilling piles using bentonite. The old pedestrian bridge opposite Beilinson Hospital was dismantled and a new one - the Anderson Bridge, was built as replacement. Two underground pedestrian footpaths (35 meters and 50 meters respectively) to the underpass were constructed, including on and off ramps for pedestrians and the disabled.
Green elements:
Pasting acoustic panels to absorb noise in the populated areas and the use of decorative, economical LED lighting.