Our Environment, Our Future



Tzukei Hashmura Dreams

Developer: Shikun & Binui Real Estate
60,000 square meters built-up area and car parks totaling 18,000 square meters


The project includes 287 apartments in three residential towers of 25 floors above a shared ground floor that includes lobbies, residents clubs, a fitness room, a swimming pool and technical [maintenance] rooms. There is a shared car park adjacent to the buildings, part of which is above ground and part below ground.

Green features:
The project was constructed to very high building standards and is compliant with Israels5281 green building standard and the LEED standard. Special attention was paid to apartment insulation.
High-quality insulation panels, resistant to the marine environment, were bonded to the exterior side of the peripheral walls, and the exterior stone cladding was carried out using dry construction technology.
The building materials bear the green standard mark.