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Geotechnical Engineering

Cementcal, a subsidiary of Solel Boneh Infrastructure was founded in 1967 and is the leader and the largest company in Israel for implementing geotechnical engineering projects.
Cementcal serves as the operational arm of the company for ground level underground geotechnical works.
Cementcal is a registered contractor for works across all classifications in the fields of construction, roads and infrastructure, sewage and water drainage, pumps, turbines and pumping stations, ports, cranes, water towers and chimney stacks.
The company has many international connections assisting it in the realm of professional knowledge, and enjoys many partnerships with multinational companies in the implementation of complex engineering projects.
Cementcal performs drilling and foundation works of every kind, shoring work, the implementation of slurry elements for shoring and foundations, anchoring-establishing, drilling water wells, jet grout anchors on the face of bore holes, dewatering operations on construction site, injection methods used in the concrete works associated with geotechnical work (piles, bridge beams, casting decks, floors, basements etc.), foundation and reinforcement using the C.F.A. system, micropile drilling and more.
The company has an extensive array of new, advanced tools and engineering equipment, enabling it to provide optimal, unique solutions for all types of geotechnical work. The operation of such advanced equipment demands great skill, technical support and extensive experience, all of which the Division’s manpower has in plenty.
Cementcal has management, engineering and implementation teams trained in resolving earth problems and planning changes as they arise. The company provides solutions for projects that include planning and implementation in all the areas in which it operates, and is geared up to carry out large and complex works in the shortest possible time.