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Roads and Infrastructure


Highway 77

Upper Galilee
Developer: The Israel National Roads
Company Ltd (Maatz)
Scope of Project: NIS 142 million
Approximate length: 8.6 kilometers

Development works and the paving of around 8.6 kilometers of new highway in parallel with the widening of the existing lanes, retaining walls, and underground concrete facilities. Special technologies used included: consolidation treatment including the drilling of vertical drains, treatment of groundwater under the agricultural land, including the construction of a special drainage system, rainwater treatment along the length of the existing road because of height differences between the new and existing carriageways and reducing the highways structural loads on the National Water Carrier (the Movil) by building a double ceiling at the Zarzir intersection.

Green elements:
The use of scrubbed material to pave agricultural roads, the sorting and use of quarried material to fill embankments, implementing crossings for animals between safety barriers at the median of the road and Australian fencing to allow the crossing of animals, protecting trees and transferring them for replanting in collaboration with the Jewish National Fund and the Nature and Parks Authority.