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The Beer Sheva Government Complex

Beer Sheva
Developer: The Administration for the Construction of Government Complexes and Courts of Law and Ashmoret Tihona Ltd


76,000 square meters


This regional government complex comprises a series of five office buildings interconnected by an internal street. A series of covered interior courtyards and a series of uncovered outdoor courtyards are set out in parallel along the front façade of the building which, from the west, faces the pedestrianized area.

It has a shopping mall and cafés scattered along its length, connecting the new railway station in the city center to the government complex, the courts and nearby office and commercial buildings, and on to the municipal buildings.
This pedestrianized area created a new walkway in the city and enriched the fabric of life. A two-level piazza was created midway along the walkway with a surrounding amphitheater incorporating stone seating and an aqueduct, intended to serve as a play area for children, a rest area for adults, and a space for street performances.