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Roads and Infrastructure

The Roads & Infrastructure Division of Solel Boneh is the largest infrastructure and Roads Company in Israel.
The Roads & infrastructure Division has over the years carried out large and complex projects throughout the country. These projects were carried out to implementation standards that are among the highest ever seen in Israel and in keeping with strict deadlines. The Divisions expertise lies in paving roads, constructing aviation runways, constructing highway interchanges, mining tunnels, excavating underpass tunnels using pipe jacking technology, carrying out asphalt works and infrastructure-rich projects.

The highest level of professional capability

The Roads & infrastructure Division team comprises engineers and other employees with unique skill sets who have been with the company for many years, bringing the added value of their rich professional knowledge and extensive experience to mega projects, where they contribute tailor-made engineering solutions that showcase the Divisions capabilities.
The Divisions highly skilled asphalt teams are leaders in the Israeli market in terms of quality As such, the teams are the first choice of the decision makers at the Ministry of Defense for paving runways to serve the Israel Air Force. The company owns the most advanced equipment of the highest quality available in Israel today for carrying out asphalt works, including laser devices for finishing, and dedicated equipment for tunnel mining. In its asphalt facilities the company produces asphalt mixes to the most advanced technical specifications, including S, SMA and porous asphalt mixes.
The Divisions clients include: The Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of National Infrastructures, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, as well as government agencies and companies, such as the Israel National Roads Company (Maatz), N.T.A. - Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd (the Light Rail project), Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd (a project for constructing a natural gas pipeline system), Ayalon Highways, the Airports Authority, Israel Railways, the Ports Authority, municipalities, local authorities and companies for urban development, Shafdan The Dan Region Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Cross-Israel Highway Company, and many private companies.