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"Taliya" Student Housing – The University of Haifa


Phase A: 1998-2001
Phase B: 2002-2003
Developer: The University of Haifa

The project was built on the university campus on the northern slopes of the Carmel ridge on both sides of the old dormitory building. The project was carried out in two phases: The first incorporated nine buildings each containing about 430 rooms in around 100 apartments, amounting to a total built up area of approximately 13,900 square meters. This phase also included a two-storey underground car park of 3,600 square meters. Public buildings were built on the car park’s rooftop: a small supermarket, a clubhouse and offices. Two buildings were constructed in the second phase, each comprising about 100 rooms in some 20 apartments with a total area of approximately 3,500 square meters.