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Pumped Storage

Har Gilboa
Developer: The State of Israel (PUA Public Utility Authority – Electricity)
Concessionaire: PSP Investments
Scope of Project: NIS 1.5 billion
A BOT project, the first of its kind in Israel, for the design and construction of a pump storage project with a capacity of 300 MW in the Gilboa area.
The project includes:
  • 2 turbines of 150 MW each
  • Head – 574m
  • Tunneling 4500m
  • Vertical shaft 490m + 95m surge
  • 2.3 mil 3 X2m water reservoirs
  • 45,000 3m cavern excavation
Sustainability Aspects:
  • Constructing an environmentally-friendly power station;
  • Using an implementation method that conserves the values of the environment, with an emphasis on the nature reserve located in close proximity to the project area; and
  • A commitment to rehabilitate the landscape on the slopes of the reservoirs and the assembly areas.