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Shikun & Binui is committed to fostering and promoting the society in which it conducts its business activities.


We continue to expand our community relations activities, while emphasizing our commitment to future generations by promoting sustainability education projects, in addition to our ongoing financial support of various social and welfare projects and activities.


In addition to our financial investment, Shikun & Binui encourages its employees to volunteer and during the last few years Shikun & Binui employees dedicated hundreds of volunteering hours during working hours.


Shikun & Binui applies the professional skills, knowledge, experience and abilities it has accumulated over the years towards its social action, such as, for example, through renovation and carpentry works by Shikun & Binui employees, Green Building consulting and planning, etc.


Good Deeds Day 2015:

On March 24, 2015, Shikun & Binui employees, throughout the country and around the world, participated, for the eighth consecutive year, in various good deed activities in the framework of the Good Deeds Day which was initiated by the Arison group and the Ruach Tova not-for-profit organization, and which has become a Shikun & Binui Group tradition.
In Israel
  • This year, the main activity in Israel took place at Shikun & Binui's green building, and Shikun & Binui's employees were invited to help the "Kol Zchut" not-for-profit organization collect and find information for underprivileged families.
  • Building a green pergola for students at the ORT school in Acco.
  • Helping create a wall mural at ORT Kiryat Motzkin.
  • Accompanying an activity with youth who immigrated to Israel on their own, at the Kfar Hayarok Boarding School.
  • An arts and crafts workshop with elderly Holocaust survivors at a facility for the elderly in Givatayim.
  • Hosting the student council from ORT Beit She'an for an empowerment workshop and a tour at the Shikun & Binui Visitors' Center.
  • Supporting the building of a green wall for students at the ORT Geula School in Tel Aviv.
Shikun & Binui employees from all around the world also participated in various activities in the framework of the "Good Deeds Day":
  • Renovating, painting and creating playing areas in an elementary school.
  • Arts and crafts activities in a school for the blind.
  • Arts and crafts activities and empowerment workshops at retirement homes, facilities for at-risk teenage girls and boarding schools.
  • Cooperating with agricultural greenhouses, including professional accompaniment and purchasing computers/products for the greenhouses' operation.
  • Renovating and upgrading buildings at facilities for at-risk youth and families in distress.
  • Distributing toys at pediatric wards in hospitals.
  • A 'Happiness and Giving Celebration' at a school, with breakdance, karate and drumming workshops.
  • Upgrading a hostel for families of sick children.

Good Deeds Day 2014:

More than half a million Israelis and tens of thousands of others in 50 countries around the world participated in good deed activities on the "Good Deeds Day" that took place on March 11, 2014. Hundreds of Shikun & Binui employees also participated in good deed activities, in the framework of dozens of various projects in Israel and around the world, including:
In Israel
  • Kiryat Ata: Planting a community garden and renovating a facility for an at-risk youth afterschool program
  • Ashdod: Gardening, painting and sailing with students of a boarding school
  • Yavne: Preparing food packages for underprivileged families at the facilities of the "Latet" not-for-profit organization
  • Rishon Lezion: Preparing food packages and sorting clothes for the community, at the assistance center of the "Pitchon Lev" not-for-profit organization
  • Or Yehuda: A sport day activity for students at an elementary school
  • Uganda: Renovating classrooms at an orphanage, purchasing furniture and distributing food packages
  • Guatemala: Activity with children and the elderly
  • Ghana: Renovating classrooms
  • Germany: Arts and crafts workshops at kindergartens for children with special needs, together with employees and business partners

Good Deeds Day 2013

Approximately 200 Shikun & Binui employees participated this year, for the sixth consecutive time, in various activities in the framework of the Good Deeds Day which was initiated by the Arison group and Ruach Tova not-for-profit organization. The Good Deeds Day has become a tradition among Shikun & Binui employees, who happily apply their abilities, creativity and work for the benefit of children in Israel and around the world.
The activities in which the Shikun & Binui employees participated, among many others, include: painting and renovating a facility for the elderly in Haifa, building a fence at the ORT school in Kiryat Bialik, activities for children in Beit Shean, painting two schools for at-risk youth and decorating and renewing a facility for the elderly in Givatayim (together with ORT students), painting a school in Holon, participating in activities with at-risk children, painting, gardening and performing carpentry works at various locations throughout the country, and teaching green building at various colleges. Shikun & Binui employees also participated in volunteering activity internationally.
Shikun & Binuis Main Community Relations Activities:

Financing Projects at ORT Schools:

The activities, which were intended to increase the students and the communitys awareness to preserving the environment and to the principles of sustainability, were adapted to the unique character of each of the schools and to the specific needs of each of the communities in which the schools are located. The activities that were promoted included: cultivating green areas and green ventures in the schools, developing sustainability lesson plans, cross-sector collaborations (students and retired persons, Jewish and Arab students), adopting green projects in the community, and more.

Financing and Being Actively Involved in the Operation of a Green Recycling Competition Among all Students of ORT Schools:

Establishing a joint venture that includes a scientific-technological internet competition among all of the ORT Israel students from approximately 60 high schools throughout Israel.

Financing and Participating in the Curriculum Development of a Year Long Course on Sustainability for High School Students:

The curriculum is currently being developed by the Shiur Acher (A Different Lesson) non-profit organization, and the course is scheduled to be taught next school-year by various lecturers, including volunteer lecturers from among Shikun & Binuis employees.

Supporting a School for At-Risk Youth in the North:

Shikun & Binui assists with the financing of a food program and operating study programs.

Good Deeds Day and the Ruach Tova Non-Profit Organization:

Approximately 150 Shikun & Binui employees participated this year, for the fifth consecutive time, in various activities in the framework of the Arison-initiated Good Deeds Day, which has become a tradition among Shikun & Binui employees, who happily apply their abilities, creativity and work for the benefit of children in Israel and around the world: painting and decorating walls with magnificent drawings and creating two playgrounds for afterschool programs for at-risk youth in Ramle, creating drawing boards and building interactive games in the yards of a school for children with special needs, establishing gardens and painting together with students at ORT schools in the North, painting the yard of a school in Beer Sheva, renovating the yard of a kindergarten in Berlin.

Pardes Katz Judo Center:

As part of ongoing collaboration with the Pardes Katz Judo Center, Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh Infrastructure renovated the center, which provides a framework for at-risk youth and prevents them from falling by the wayside.

Young Business Leadership:

Shikun & Binui continued its activity in this project - including mentoring by volunteering managers and employees, and financing annual workshops for children in Haifa.

Krembo Wings:

Shikun & Binui finances training programs and scholarships for youth leaders from the Krembo Wings non-profit organization - a youth movement for children with special needs.


Shikun & Binui is involved in various activities together with more than 70 institutions and non-profit organizations: fundraising events, support for events such as athletic races, nature activities, etc, sponsoring Varietys annual event, collaboration with the BaTeva school, sponsoring LATETs annual event, sponsoring the ELEM race, and more.