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The Precast Concrete Production Plant – Industrialised Construction

The Precast Concrete Production Plant

The precast concrete plant of Solel Boneh Infrastructure is a leading producer of prefabricated construction elements.
The Solel Boneh Infrastructure plant for industrialised construction, among the leading and largest companies in Israel, specializes in the production of prefabricated elements for construction, infrastructure, bridges, the facades of residential and public buildings, and prestressed reinforced beams.
The plant excels in the outstanding quality of its production of all types of civil engineering elements. It meets Israeli and international quality standards and includes among its clients the Ministry of Defense, The Ministry of Construction and Housing, the National Roads Company, the Derech Eretz Company, and private companies.
The plant has four production lines for:
  • Segments - for bridges.
  • Prestressed hollow core slabs - which are the best solution for underground parking areas and industrial buildings.
  • Elements from stressed and non-stressed concrete - manufactured in diverse profiles, as beams for bridges with a weight of up to 140 tons. In addition, transportable buildings for use as homes or offices are produced here, including showers and toilets, as well as modular, portable car parks. This line also produces columns, stairs, balconies, and precast elements from concrete for different uses such as compression pipes for use in sewage and drainage infrastructure.
  • Facades and retaining walls - producing facades of all types: for offices, homes and industry, as well as retaining walls for reinforced earth finished according to client requirement.