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Natural Gas Transmission

A joint venture with Ghizzoni S.p.a. (Italy)
Developer: Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd.
Scope of Project: NIS 58 million

The gas transmission line is a 24” diameter steel pipe at an atmospheric pressure of 80 atm, valve stations and pressure reducing and metering stations (PRMS).
Phase 1: Laying of approximately 92 kilometers along the Nesher – Sorek – Ashdod and Sorek – Ashdod – Ashqelon sections.
Phase 2: Laying of approximately 135 kilometers along the Kiryat Gat – Sdom section.
Special technologies: Implemented according to the Dutch quality standard, which is the most stringent of European standards for gas works, using cathodic protection to protect the pipeline from corrosive processes.

Green elements:
Painstaking landscape rehabilitation, collecting geophytes and seeds from the route of the pipeline, storing them and planting them after laying of the pipe, in collaboration with the Nature and Parks Authority to minimize damage to the landscape.