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Shafdan Pumping Station

Tel Aviv
Developer: Ayalon Highways Ltd and the Dan Regional Association (sewage)
Scope of Project: NIS 60 million

A pumping station in a concrete shaft at a depth of 50 meters.
A number of special technologies were used for the project: The circular shaft is composed of 25, 80-centimeter thick slurry walls to a depth of 50 meters and are consolidated in a plug/socket configuration.
Annular coating was poured to strengthen the station’s structure. The use of a dewatering system to prevent the infiltration of the groundwater present at the site, and pumping it out of the station. Casting a 3.5-4 meter thick floor, using fiberglass reinforcement at the point of entry of the main pipe into the station.
The structure comprises five underground floors, each at a height of approximately 7.5 meters and an above ground three-level structure of about 9 meters.

Green elements:
The station serves as part of the liquid sewage separation system, purifying it and pumping it out for re-use in agricultural irrigation. The use of recycled quarried material, the construction of a pipe for groundwater removal, pumping it into the Shafdan system and re-using it.