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Highway Grade Separation No. 50 – Akko South

Acre (Akko)
Developer: Yefe Nof Transport, Infrastructure & Construction Ltd.

Construction of dual segmental bridges Area: 9,200 square meters each (two bridges = 18,500 square meters)
The implementation of grade separation no. 50 at the southern entrance to the city of Akko crossing over the Akko-Nahariya rail tracks and the rail track to Carmiel above the Hilazon Stream, including the
Construction of two segmental bridges both of which are 750 meters in length and 13 meters wide, paving, drainage, lighting, water and landscaping work.
Balanced cantilever technology was used to construct the bridges, using spans of 80 meters.
Work was carried out in close proximity to busy “live” roads while taking special steps to reduce public traffic disturbance and enable safe driving.
Work was carried out in coordination and cooperation with many stakeholders: the City of Akko, business owners, public transportation companies, Israel Railways, the Western Galilee Drainage and Rivers Authority, and residents living near the project.