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Highway 531 – The Jaljulia Interchange Section

Developer: Netivei Israel – the National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd.
Scope of Project: NIS 58 million

General Description: The project is part of Highway, 531 a lateral, fast lane, suburban route from the Shmaryahu Junction to Highway 6, which connects existing longitudinal routes and nearby towns to the national road grid.
Project Design: This project comprises the construction of the Jaljulia Interchange, including two bridges of Highway 531 lanes above Route 444, a system of retaining walls, a drainage system, electricity, lighting, communication infrastructure, signage, bridge gantries, various types of infrastructure, gardening, irrigation and landscape restoration.

Green Features:
Recycling of construction waste by shredding and adapting it for re-use as fill material.
Using excess soil to cover slopes and restore the landscape and the relocation of trees.