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Roads and Infrastructure


Widening of Highway 6

Ben Shemen to Nachshonim
Scope of Project: NIS 76 million
Nachshonim - Eyal
Scope of project: NIS 50 million
Eyal - Nitsanei Oz
Scope of project: NIS 76 million
Adding a third lane in each direction by widening the road into the median strip along an overall length of 99 kilometers, 44.5 kilometers in each direction. The project included preparation works, earthworks, cut and fill, sign gantry, the laying of sealing and armor sheets, drainage and the installation of concrete slot channels for drainage, concrete infrastructure, electricity, telecommunication and irrigation, landscaping, concrete safety barriers, curbstones, sub base, base, and asphalt paving.
Green elements:
Streams were rechanneled and trees transplanted in these projects. Use was made of the existing topsoil to rehabilitate the projects landscape with the surplus being transported to the Qalansuwa landfill. The surplus scraped asphalt was sent to the asphalt plant in Modiin for recycling. Paths were created for farmers and a cycle lane was paved along a 6-kilometer stretch (in a collaborative project with Derech Eretz and the Ministry for Environmental Protection) .A change was made in the design of the retaining walls, creating rockeries from surplus boulders on site, while taking into consideration areas for conservation, thus also preserving existing trees. Disruption for motorists was reduced through special entry points to & from work sites, which were dampened to prevent dust from the works vehicles. A screening fence was installed on both sides of the work area along the section so as not to distract curious motorists. The project was carried out in consultation with numerous stakeholders.