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The Graduate Student Village – The Technion

Developer: The Technion
Built Area: 22,000 square meters

This graduate student housing project has seven residential towers, each having five floors with 216 units in each. The apartments range in size from 60 to 100 square meters. The complex has a system of bridges connecting the intermediate levels of all the buildings, allowing convenient movement without having to cross roads. The Graduate Student Village was built at the upper end of the campus in a naturally green forest setting with views of the spectacular scenery of Haifa and Haifa Bay.
The buildings were constructed of tough finishing materials of plaster for the facades, exposed concrete, vertical metal shutters and brick cladding in the stairwells, creating a separation between spaces.

Green features:
The buildings are located on the side of the mountain, but their maximum height does not protrude above the ridgeline, allowing them to merge to best advantage in the natural landscape and six of them are positioned at a perpendicular angle to the contour lines to allow the building of many facades that face the view and the sunlight. In order to blend into the topography, plant-filled terraced rockeries were created at the far end of the buildings against the excavated cliff face, and retaining walls were not built.
Work on the buildings was carried out with consideration for the existing trees, which were fenced and conserved throughout the duration of the project.