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Highway 65-85 Nahal Amud Interchange - Amiad Junction

Started in 2012
Developer: Netivei Israel the National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd
Scope of Project: NIS 245 million

This Design-Build project calls for the upgrading of Highway 65 from the Nahal Amud Interchange along Route 85 to the Amiad Junction to a two-lane highway, deriving from the plans for a future threelane dual carriageway.
Project Design: About eight kilometers, including the construction of the Nahal Amud Interchange, various central barriers, new bridges over the Amud and Achbara streams and removal of the existing batteries.

Green Features:
Shredding quarrying and concrete materials and adapting them for re-use as fill material for the project. Taking special measures to protect the trees along the works rout and tree replacement.