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Factories and Logistics

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The Concrete Plants

The concrete plants of Solel Boneh Infrastructure allow the company flexibility, high performance levels and ongoing activity without delays, even on the largest projects.
The concrete and transportation system of Solel Boneh Infrastructure operates seven concrete facilities in a countrywide deployment, from Be’er Sheva in the south to Haifa in the north. The plants manufacture all types of concrete and mortar: crude mortar for making lightweight concrete, mortar ready for flooring, plaster and cement mortar, providing timely response to client needs.
The company has a number of mobile concrete plants that can be speedily set up on large construction sites.
The concrete unit incorporates a quality assurance system and a laboratory for the development of chemical additives to improve the product quality and performance and reduce costs.
Our transportation services enable the movement of all types of loads: cement, asphalt, bedding, aggregates and other materials.