Our Environment, Our Future

Company Profile

Our Vision

To be a leading business group creating advanced and sustainable living environments in Israel and around the world, for us and for the generations to come.


The Shikun & Binui Group has adopted the sustainability approach, and its activities are guided by environmental and social concerns, as well as economic considerations.


The Group believes it has a responsibility to develop a living environment without harming the needs of future generations.  As part of this commitment, the Group has intensified its involvement in projects that uphold the values of sustainability, and has adopted advanced standards of management in the spirit of sustainability and green construction. The Group has also increased its activity in the fields of renewable energy and water.


As an important international company, Shikun & Binui has joined the global trend of formulating agreements and procedures to ensure that our actions today will not destroy the world in which our children and grandchildren will live. It is now Israels leading commercial enterprise implementing the principles of sustainability in general, and in the fields of construction and infrastructure in particular.


Adopting and assimilating the vision of sustainability has brought about significant changes in Shikun & Binuis structure, in its employees daily work, and in the projects in which it chooses to be involved (for example:  expanding the activity of its subsidiaries, Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy, which is mainly involved in the production of electricity from renewable sources, and  Shikun & Binui Water, the Groups water division.)


This change in outlook has led us to re-examine the total life cycle of our products (buildings, roads, infrastructures, etc.), from the planning stage, through management of work sites, the many years during which the structures will stand and be maintained, and all the way to the stage where they will be demolished and replaced.


The practical impact of this new way of thinking on Shikun & Binuis operations includes:

  • Planning that considers a projects effect on the environment and the people in it.
  • A preference for recycled and nonpolluting materials.
  • Development of safe work methods that put the workers and the surrounding community first.