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Shikun & Binui An Israeli Superbrand

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Shikun & Binui has been recognized by the international Superbrands Organization, as an Israeli Superbrand, the fourth consecutive year.

The "Shikun & Binui" brand has, for the fourth consecutive year, been chosen by consumers is Israel as a "Superbrand". This is an impressive achievement, through which Shikun & Binui enters the Hall of Fame of global branding.

The international Superbrands organization has set its goal to identify and select in each country, those brands which have demonstrated branding and marketing excellence in the local market, and to commend the managers who are responsible for such excellence. The organization is active in approximately 70 countries around the world and this is the sixth consecutive year the organization is active in Israel.

How were the Superbrands selected?

After all of the brands that operated in Israel in the past year (2,500 brands), were compiled in a list, they were ranked by a council of experts comprised of over 100 leading CEOs and Marketing VPs. The 770 brands which achieved the highest scores in a consumer research passed to the next stage. The research was conducted by the MarketWatch research company, in accordance with the research methodology Superbrand applies worldwide. It is in fact the consumers who determined which brands are Israels Superbrands.

The Superbrand club in Israel is a prestigious, professional and exclusive club, which operates similarly to the format Superbrand clubs operate around the world, and only those brands which have been named Superbrands, are eligible to join as members.

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