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Roads & Infrastructure

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The Roads and Infrastructure Division carries out a wide range of projects, including - water, sewage, drainage, and gas transportation systems; electricity and lighting supply systems; paving and development work - roads, interchanges, runways and asphalt overlays; and onsite concrete casting - hydraulic channels, retaining walls and concrete railings.


The Division's clients include: 

  • Government Ministries: Defense, National Infrastructures, Construction and Housing.
  • Government Companies and Authorities: the National Roads Company (the Israeli Public Works Department); N.T.A. - Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. (the Tel-Aviv subway project); Israel Gas Channels Ltd. (natural gas transmission system); Ayalon Highways Company Ltd.; Israel Airports Authority; Israel Railways; Israel Ports.
  • Municipalities, local authorities and urban development companies.
  • Shafdan - Dan Region Reclamation Project.
  • Numerous private bodies


The Division has proven experience in carrying out complex large-scale projects throughout Israel, according to the strictest current international standards. The Division's activities also include complex projects carried out in cooperation with leading, reputable foreign contractors in the fields of tunneling, infrastructure and pipe jacking.
The Division specializes in the following fields: 

  • Paving 
  • Airport runways 
  • Interchanges 
  • Tunneling 
  • Underground passages using the pipe-jacking method 
  • Major road construction projects, including the construction of the Cross-Israel Highway


The Roads and Infrastructure Division employs a team of skilled professionals, including highly experienced engineers, to carry out its various projects. The Division also utilizes an extensive range of unique high-quality equipment, including laser equipment for finishing work and tunneling equipment.

The Roads and Infrastructure Division operates asphalt plants in Modi'in (one of Israel's most advanced asphalt plants) and Dargot. The Division produces asphalt mixes according to the most advanced specifications, including the S, SMA and "quiet" asphalt mixes.