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Solel Boneh has played a major role in Israels construction and infrastructure industries and built many national-public projects. Solel Bonehs involvement in the countrys largest and most significant national projects, including its experience in complex engineering operations including infrastructures, roads, bridges and interchanges, public institutions, underground construction, environmental projects and residential neighborhoods has made it one of Israels leading and best known companies. Solel Bonehs customers includes International companies and organizations, public organizations and authorities and leading private developers, government ministries, authorities and subsidiaries, local authorities, city corporations.


The companys major clients are:

  • Government Ministries: Transportation, Defense, Public Security, Construction and Housing, National Infrastructures.
  • Government Authorities and Subsidiaries:
    • N.T.A. - Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. (the Tel-Aviv subway project)
    • Israel Gas Pipeline Ltd. (natural gas transportation system)
    • Mekorot - Israel National Water Co. 
    • Ayalon Highways Company Ltd. 
    • Israel Electric Corporation
    • The National Roads Company Ltd. (Israel Public Works Department) 
    • Israel Airports Authority 
    • Israel Ports Authority 
    • Israel Railways 
      and others
  • Local Authorities 
  • Derech Eretz - The concessionaire of the Cross-Israel Highway 
  • Israel's leading entrepreneurs and private investors


The companys most notable asset is a superior and skilled engineering workforce, with years of experience cooperating with Solel Bonehs quality assurance department.

Solel Boneh has certifications of the Standards Institution of Israel:

ISO 14001 Environmental management system;

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality management;

Israeli standard 18001 Health and safety management at work.

Solel Boneh is Certified Contractor for unlimited financial scope in all classifications.


Expertise and Major Projects

For years, Solel Boneh has proven its ability to carry out the most elaborate and complex projects. Major projects recently executed by the company include: 

  • Natural gas transportation system in collaboration with Gizzoni S.P.A 
  • Government buildings and public institutions: Rabin Memorial Center, Be'er Sheba University, Haifa Police Headquarters. 
  • The Cross-Israel Highway and other highways throughout the country: (roadwork, bridges and interchange construction).
  • Railroads and railway bridges: Ben Gurion International Airport, Em Hamoshavot Bridge, Em Hamoshavot Bridge, Kishon River Bridges, Expanding project, Road 77.
  • Commercial and industrial sites: Givatayim Mall; 7th Avenue Shopping Mall, Beer-Sheba, Rad-Bynet - an office building in Jerusalem; old-age home in Jerusalem; B.S.R. Towers - office towers in Ramat Gan/Bnei Brak.
  • Hospitals: Hadassah hospital - Jerusalem, Ichilov hospital - Tel Aviv.
  • Universities: Technion dormitories- Haifa, University dormitories - Beer-Sheba, University dormitories - Tel Aviv.
  • Ecological projects: Water desalination plant Hadera, Water purification plant - Rishon LeZion.


The company operates an extensive logistics division that provides services both to the company and to the open market. The Division includes: 

  • A wide range of equipment for infrastructure, road and construction work.
  • Premix concrete plants.
  • Heavy trucks and special cranes.

Solel Boneh has a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, which includes some of the finest professionals working in the field. Solel Boneh is an ISO 9001:2008-certified company and has a Quality Control and Quality Assurance Department.