Our Environment, Our Future

Solel Boneh Infrastructure


Sustainability is a managerial philosophy that integrates social, environmental and economic considerations and aims to secure long term existence, growth and prosperity for us and for future generations.
Here a few examples of the implementation of the sustainability approach at Solel Boneh sites:

Transplanting of Trees at the Tel Aviv Courthouse Construction Site


Protecting Geophytes (Bulbs) at the Police Training Center – Beit Shemesh


Car Tire Washing Facility at Ikea Site – Kiryat Ata


Shredding Material for Re-Use


Solel Boneh attributes great significance to building projects in compliance with the Israel Sustainable Building Standard (Israeli Standard 5281) and the LEED Standard (the American Green Building Standard).
Here a few examples of projects that were built in accordance with Standard 5281:
  • Chalomot Hasharon (The Sharon Dreams) – Netanya (Excellence Award)
  • Chalomot Givatayim (Givatayim Dreams), Chalomot Kiryat Ono (Kiryat Ono Dreams)
  • The Tel Aviv Courthouse
  • The Israel Police Training Center – Beit Shemesh
  • The State Comptroller's Office – Jerusalem
  • Cochav Hasharon (The Sharon Star) – Hod Hasharon
Examples of Projects that were built in compliance with the American LEED Standard:
  • The Tel Aviv University Student Dormitories (LEED GOLD)
  • The Archeology Museum – Jerusalem
  • Chalomot Tzukei Hahsmura (The Reserve Cliff Dreams)
  • IKEA – Kiryat Ata

Solel Boneh's Construction and Roads Divisions were certified with the following standard:

  • Israel Standard 14001 (Environmental System Management Standard)