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Work safety is a value of utmost importance at Solel Boneh Infrastructure – Through its Safety Department, the Company is a leader in the construction field, serving as a model, and, over the years, being awarded several prizes for excellence in occupational health, safety and hygiene.

A First in Israel – A Work Safety Agreement in the Construction Field - April 29, 2012

The Construction and Wood Labor Union and the Solel Boneh Company signed the first safety agreement in the construction field.

This is the first collective agreement in the construction field, and its significance lies in that it improves the ability to prevent work accidents, which each and every year result in the loss of employees' lives, especially in the construction field, and in that it increases safety at the work place, as a necessary condition for preserving employees' lives and safety.

The agreement prescribed the work safety principles for each site; that work managers, project managers and safety officers will personally lead safe conduct procedures according to a written plan; and that employees will, concurrently, undergo briefings regarding safety instructions, including with respect to using personal safety equipment and even stopping work if the working environment conditions are unsafe.

The agreement defined the powers and authorities of the project managers and work managers, use of hazardous substances, use of equipment in proper working condition, including – ladders, personal safety equipment, tools, etc.

Additionally, the agreement prescribes that a bipartite committee shall be convened once each calendar quarter, and shall be comprised of two management representatives and two employee representatives. The committee shall discuss all safety matters, including safety transgressions by employees. The committee shall decide how to handle the transgressions, as per the severity of the offense. Additionally, the committee shall award prizes, or alternatively, monetary awards to outstanding employees in the safety field.

(Photography: Rami Zeringer)