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Renewable Energy


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Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy is a development company in major energy projects.

The company combines the ability and experience of Shikun & Binui Group in developing, building and operating mega-projects with the technological and engineering innovation in producing electricity from renewable energy. This allows the company to create technological/engineering added value and significant advantages in project development, financing, construction and operation procedures.

The company develops, finances, builds and operates projects (including mega projects) in renewable energy, and solar energy, independently and with the public sector (in PPP projects).

Vision and Strategy

The company implements the Group’s strategic decision to leverage its ability and experience (including managing development, financing, construction and operation) to significantly expand its renewable energy global presence.

Developing Projects

The company works to independently develop renewable energy projects and as a partner with the public sector in PPP projects. The company invests significant equity in independent projects and plays a major role in building and operating projects over the years. The company promotes many projects mainly in solar energy.