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New Rosh Haayin Dreams

A green project in the new neighborhood of Rosh Haayin, offering perfect quality of life, just a few minutes drive from Tel Aviv, in close proximity to all of the citys high quality community services, with rich apartment specifications and all of the advantages of green building.
The project is located in the Psagot Afek neighborhood, the new neighborhood situated at the highest point in the city, which offers schools, high quality kindergartens, a country club and other community services, all within walking distance. Beautiful buildings with finely designed lobbies and high standard elegant finishing are waiting for you in Chalomot Rosh Haayin Hachadasha.
The first stage, which includes two 23-floor buildings, with a wide range of 3, 4 and 5 room apartments, mini-penthouses and penthouses, was launched at a special sales event on July 5, 2013. 


Chalomot Tzukei Hashmura

A unique sea-front project, facing the Iris Nature Reserve in Netanya, designed in perfect harmony with nature. The project is designed so residents can enjoy complete privacy - all three towers face the sea and the Reserve - while also experiencing a warm sense of community. The three buildings share communal social, cultural and athletic facilities and artistic boulevards connect between them, allowing passage from one to another, without being exposed to sun, wind or rain. The apartments design is inspired by the spatial design approach and creates a continuous and uninterrupted flow. Outstanding building materials were selected to ensure the building maintains long lasting quality and elegance.


Time Tower

The Time Tower is all about elegance and prestige: with its clean lines, it has a look that is not subject to whims of fashion but will remain contemporaneous for many years to come. The buildings entrance floor is a unique creation of glass cubes surrounded by water and has an extraordinary presence in the urban environment. The ground floor offers the residents a spacious lobby, a glass-walled fitness room and easy access to the street.
The building has 38 floors which are designed to provide the residents with the highest standard of living. Every apartment has a view and a spacious balcony, so one can enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of home. The apartments have large, bright and clean open spaces and their interior design can flexibly change over the years. The building applies green planning to benefit both the environment and the residents, including by efficiently using land resources and utilizing high quality air conditioning systems that allow optimal energy efficiency, all in line with the highest standards. 


Netanya - Pure Sharon Dreams

Netanya Pure Sharon Dream
The 'Pure Sharon Dreams' project is the first green project in the centrally located city of Netanya and the Sharon region. The project is located on private property adjacent to the Sergeants Forrest and the Sharon area fields. The project includes rich landscaping and convenient proximity to the local country club, tennis courts and gym.
The project integrates environmental building principles that support energy-saving, excellent isolation, and other environmental protection systems. Environmentally conscious tenants can save on energy costs while helping to protect the environment.
The project features 3 residential towers, 20 stories each, and especially roomy 4 and 5 room apartments with ideal architectural design, overlooking green fields. Units vary from apartments, mini-penthouses, penthouses and garden apartments.
The generous technical specifications include a quality kitchen, glazed porcelain flooring, apartment air conditioning, a designed lobby, CCTV intercom. Environmental specifications include shading for southern windows to prevent excess heating from the sun, improved thermal isolation to support a stable and comfortable room temperature, a central control panel for lighting and AC, a ceiling fan in the master bedroom and recycling bins in the garbage room. 


Chalomot Park Hadera



A prestigious neighborhood with over 2,000 residential units that is being built in a complex that combines houses and residential buildings and offers a safe and green environment for pedestrians with a perfect balance between residential areas, open spaces, public buildings and commerce, with a much higher public areas per person ratio than is customary in other neighborhoods.

The neighborhood offers a particularly wide range of apartments, including 4 and 5 room apartments, pampering garden apartments, mini-penthouses and exquisite penthouses, in buildings of 6 floors and up.

All of the buildings in the Chalomot Park Hadera project have finely designed lobbies with high standard finishing. All of the buildings incorporate advanced architectonic design and have elegant and sturdy external coatings. 


Ir Yamim

In March of 2012, the Ir Yamim Mall opened to the public in the prestigious Ir Yamim neighborhood in Netanya. The mall was built by Shikun & Binui Real Estate together with Azorim, and spreads over 58 Dunam, 70,000 sq.m. of which are built, including 23,000 sq.m. of fashion, entertainment and recreation on two main commercial floors and on a lower commercial floor, as well as 2,000 parking spaces.


Zichron Yaakov - Zichron Yaakov Dreams

Zichron Yaakov Dreams

This country-style neighborhood is located on the eastern side of the picturesque city of Zichron Yaakov, overlooking the Carmel Mountains. Its residents benefit from the neighborhoods proximity to main access roads (including the cross-country Highway # 6) and the train station.
The project is built around a community park that includes: playgrounds, sports fields, pedestrian walking paths, bicycle paths and a rollerblade field, each designed to provide comfort and convenience to its residents.
The project includes 750 apartments each adorned with attractive red roofing tiles (on the perimeter)  and exceptionally large balconies.   Properties include: garden apartments, 4-5 room apartments, luxurious duplexes, lofts and two-unit villas.
Technical specifications include; CCTV intercom, an elegantly designed lobby, electric blinds in the living room,
a designer front door, preparation for mini-central air conditioning, glazed porcelain flooring, acrylic kitchen sink, wooden flooring in the master bedroom and private parking.


Kiryat Ono - Kiryat Ono Dreams

Kiryat Ono dream
This centrally located exclusive project in Kiryat Ono is built around the spacious Reisfeld Park including large green lawns, well-tended streets, walkways, squares, fountains, playground facilities and more.
The project features 6 modern and luxurious residential towers with richly designed 4-5 room apartments, garden apartments and penthouses. The project will also offer 30 developed lots for independent construction.
The vast investment in environmental development creates a perfect setting for families seeking quality of life. The surrounding area offers top quality education and other public services.



Tel-Aviv Gimmel Prestige

Tel-Aviv Gimmel Prestige
This prestigious joint venture with Africa Israel is located in the northern part of Tel Aviv in one of the most sought after areas in the city, and a 5 minute walk from the beach. The project includes 3 luxurious 11 story towers linked by a spacious lobby.
All apartments are characterized by high and innovative building standards. The architectural design emphasizes impressive spaces alongside especially large balconies, which enhance the sense of space and further highlights the view that can be seen from every window. The apartment specifications are generous, offering technological innovations together with unique design elements.
All Gimmel Prestige residents will enjoy a high quality kitchen, electric shutters throughout the apartment, an acrylic bathtub, concealed cistern toilets, washroom cabinets, porcelain floor tiles, Smart Home preparation for home entertainment and alarm systems, 2 parking spaces and a storage facility for each apartment.
Each tower will have a private Tenants Club where tenants can sit back in one of the lounge areas, work out in the fully accessorized gym or unwind in a hot sauna.


strategist projects

Highway 6


The Trans-Israel Highway (Road 6) is the first BOT road building project in Israel, as well as being its longest highway and its first toll road.  At present, the road is 138 kilometers long, with 12 interchanges, two tunnels (500 meters) and 100 bridges. In the next few years it is expected to reach a length of 247 kilometers as additional sections are added.


This highway is a north-south traffic artery, enabling drivers to travel quickly and safely while avoiding the congested areas in the center of the country.


Construction of Road 6 required a high level of expertise in several areas, such as:  overall planning, detailed blueprints, paving, maintenance, financing, setting up and operating a smart electronic toll-collection system (one of the most advanced in the world), and handling a variety of environmental matters.


Shikun & Binui won the tender for this PPP project together with a local partner, and a Canadian company that constructed Canadas first toll road.  This partnership, operating under the Derech Eretz company, began work on the project in 1999, and the central sections were opened to the public between 2002 and 2004.  In July 2009 the company completed a 17-kilometer section (Section 18) and thus brought Road 6 to its current length of 138km.


The Carmel Tunnels - The First Toll Tunnels in Israel
An advanced toll road system that was constructed to improve the quality of life of the residents of Haifa and the North and to significantly reduce the time it takes to cross the city. This is the first urban toll road system of its kind in Israel, integrating a complex set-up of infrastructures with advanced technology, at an investment of approximately NIS 1.5 billion.
The projects franchisee/concessionaire is Carmelton, which was established as an equal partnership between Shikun & Binui and the Ashtrom group. Carmelton is responsible for managing the Carmel Tunnels and supervising the operating company.
The operating company is Hacarmel Lanes Systems and Operation Ltd. (Netivei Hacarmel Maarchot Utiful), a sister company of Derech Eretz, which operates the Cross Israel Highway. Hacarmel Lanes is responsible for operating the toll systems, managing traffic control and maintenance, responding to drivers through the control center, customer service, and ongoing maintenance and toll collection.
The Carmel Tunnels are meant to reduce the volume of traffic on Haifas other roads, to ease the congestion on the crowded arteries of the city and to improve the quality of life in the city.
The Carmel Tunnels have three points of entrance and exit:
  • The South Haifa Interchange
  • The Krayot Interchange
  • The Neve Shaanan Interchange (next to the Grand Kanion Mall) in the center of the city
The Carmel Tunnels implement operation methods to protect driver safety, which are in line with strict customary international standards.
Preserving the Environment
Environmental concerns received significant consideration in the construction of the tunnels. In order to preserve the quality of the local residents lives, a monitoring mechanism was created, in accordance with Ministry of Environmental Protection guidelines. The monitoring team is comprised of leading professionals, including environmental consultants, acoustics experts, and engineers of various disciplines.
The mechanism monitors three main parameters, 24 hours a day:
  • Noise
  • Air Pollution
  • Rate of Particles in the Air
While constructing the project, a special road was paved along/over the Giborim River, which served as an alternate route for the hundreds of trucks that participated in the projects construction, and which would have otherwise congested the roads of Haifa, disrupted the lives of the citys residents, and caused traffic jams and air pollution.
The Carmel Tunnels in Numbers:
  • The overall length of the entire Carmel Tunnels route 6km
  • The length of the South Haifa Neve Shaanan segment 3,200m
  • The length of the Neve Shaanan Krayot segment 1,650m
  • The height of each tunnel 6.5m
  • The width of each tunnel 10m
  • 8 bridges were built in the project
  • The monitoring mechanism measures pollution and noise on a constant basis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Hadera Desalination Facility First of its Kind in Israel


The desalination facility in Hadera was established by Shikun & Binui adjacent to the Orot Rabin power plant in Hadera. H2ID, a consortium of IDE technologies, and Shikun & Binui, which financed, built and operates the desalination facility, won the BOT project.

The facility has a production capacity of approximately 127 million cubic meters of high quality potable water per year. The facility provides high quality potable water by using the reverse osmosis technology, which is a technology that is used in a variety of desalination applications around the world.

For the first time, the financing of the project was led by a consortium of foreign banks, and reached $80 million. In accordance with the agreement signed with the State of Israel, and in line with the BOT principles, the group operates the facility as a private business and sells the water to the Government of Israel at a predetermined price, over a period of 25 years (including the construction period). Upon the lapse of the contract period (in 2023) the facility shall be handed over and become government property.

This unique financing transaction was named Deal of the Year 2007 by the prestigious Euromoney Project Finance magazine.


Renewable Energy

Generating Photovoltaic Solar Generating Photovoltaic Solar Generating Photovoltaic Solar

Generating Photovoltaic Solar Electricity in Spain

Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy, through its subsidiary Gilatz Spain (50%), a partnership with an Israeli company Sunflower Sustainable Investments Ltd. operates 3 photovoltaic solar parks in Spain with a total generation capacity of 15MW, in which approx. 100 million were invested. The parks produce clean electricity with zero emissions and supply it to the Spanish grid. The Spanish government is committed to buy the electricity produced at a guaranteed feed in tariff during 25 years.
A Thermo Solar Power Station in the Negev

A Thermo Solar Power Station in the Negev

The company and Kibbutz Zeelim in the Negev are promoting a project for the design, finance, construction and operation of a solar thermal power plant on the kibbutz land with a capacity of 100MW. The projects design will be based on parabolic trough, a proven technology with a successful implementation record worldwide.