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The veteran companies of the Shikun & Binui Group have been active for over nine decades and have been playing a leading and central role in the local construction, real-estate development and infrastructure arenas since the pre-state era and down to the present day, filling public and national functions alongside their business and financial activities. The history of the Groups companies is intertwined with the story of the establishment of the State and its infrastructures.

Throughout the years of the Groups companies operations, the country and the entire world have undergone countless dramatic events and changes, which have necessitated adaptability and compatibility to the changing living environments and the new challenges they present. On the other hand, the long-term nature of the construction and infrastructure business demands that the Groups companies also have a great degree of stability, perseverance and rootedness.


Building the Country for over Ninety Years
The Groups most veteran company, Solel Boneh, was established in 1920 and at the time was called The Public Works Office. The company has been operating as Solel Boneh since 1924 when it was intended to be the construction and public works executive arm of the local Workers Union (the Histadrut) and was meant to be instrumental in absorbing immigration and providing professional training.
In 1927, due to a severe economic crisis, the company encountered difficulties and its activity was halted until 1935, when it was reestablished as a company owned by a company of the Workers Union. In the years that followed, Solel Boneh expanded its activity and participated in achieving security and settlement goals.
During the 1940s the company expanded its activity to include industry, such as: the Nesher cement factory, the Vulcan foundries, the Fenicia glass factory and the Hamat metal works factory.
Building Urban and Rural Homes
The foundations of Shikun & Binui Real Estate (Shikun Ovdim) were laid in 1922, with the establishment of the first workers union housing complex in the Borochov neighborhood.
In 1928 the Workers Union established the Housing Center that engaged in establishing workers neighborhoods, workers housing, and Workers Union housing associations and complexes. In 1935, the Housing Center became a company named Shikun (which in Hebrew means housing). The company focused on establishing housing complexes in urban areas, while attending to the entire aspects and infrastructures related to construction. In 1943, a company of the Workers Union and the Agricultural Center established the Nave Oved Workers Union housing company. The company constructed housing with auxiliary farms for settlement communities, to help the workers supplement their income with agricultural produce. After the establishment of the State, the company expanded its activity and adjusted it to governmental plans for construction for new immigrants, constructing housing for army personnel, constructing housing for seniors and construction for individuals.
The Early Days of the State: Contributing to the National Effort
Since the early days of the State, Solel Boneh has played a central part in its construction and development. The main challenge the young state faced was absorbing accelerated immigration and Solel Boneh rapidly constructed wide scope residential units for the Government and for the Workers Unions housing companies Shikun and Nave Oved (which were united in the mid-50s forming Shikun Ovdim), while also developing industrial factories and performing private and public works and international construction and paving works.
In light of the increased scope of activity, it was decided to pool the resources of the Workers Unions construction enterprise and in 1955 the urban Shikun merged with Nave Oved, whose activity had focused on the rural working settlements, thus creating the Shikun Ovdim Ltd. company.
Expanding Horizons: International Activity
The Group has been active internationally since the 1950s when the State of Israel began establishing ties with countries in Africa. Golda Meir, the Israeli Foreign Minister between 1956 and 1966, viewed ties with the developing countries as a national and personal mission. Meir encouraged the heads of Solel Boneh to begin operating in Africa, even though at the time it was quite a challenge.
During 1975-1977 the Israeli construction market experienced a recession, following which the scope of Solel Bonehs activity in Israel decreased and the international activity expanded.
Today, the company, through its subsidiaries Shikun & Binui S.B.I Ltd., Shikun & Binui Real Estate Development and Shikun & Binui Concessions, operates in approximately 20 countries around the world in the fields of infrastructure, real estate development and concessions.
Think Big Build Big
During the 1990s the company carried out several fundamental projects in the construction and infrastructure fields, including: a power plant in Hadera, the Ministry of Defense at the military headquarters in Tel Aviv and additional government offices, and more.  
Establishing the Shikun & Binui Group
In 1989 the control of Solel Boneh was transferred to the Shikun & Binui concern. In 1996 the group was purchased by the groups employees, held jointly with Arison Investments.
In the decade that followed the Group began operating in the fields of BOT Mega Projects combining the added finance and development capabilities with the Groups construction skills. This was in addition to rapid growth in the Groups international activity.
Building the Future For Us and For the Generations to Come
In 2006 Arison Investments purchased the majority of the employees shares and became the holder of control, and the Group began a process of self-renewal and adaptation to the business world of tomorrow.
Since then the Group has been undergoing an extensive and exhaustive process of transformation towards its vision for the future, while honoring the heritage of the veteran companies in the Group and their comparative advantages, the most prominent of which being veteran employees with decades of proven professional experience.
The rejuvenated Group is emphasizing innovation and excellence, and has undertaken the responsibility of leading the creation of local and international sustainable living environments a step which has led to investing in new and ground-breaking business horizons, through designated subsidiaries and activities in the fields of renewable energy and water.
Today, Shikun & Binui is the leading infrastructure and real estate group in Israel a multi-disciplinary international business group that combines business, social and environmental action while applying the most advanced international standards.