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Pumped Storage

A BOT project, the first of its kind in Israel, for the design and construction of a pump storage project with a capacity of 300 MW in the Gilboa area.

The project includes:

  • 2 turbines of 150 MW each
  • Head – 574m
  • Tunneling 4500m
  • Vertical shaft 490m + 95m surge
  • 2.3 mil 3 X2m water reservoirs
  • 45,000 3m cavern excavation

Sustainability Aspects:

  • Constructing an environmentally-friendly power station;
  • Using an implementation method that conserves the values of the environment, with an emphasis on the nature reserve located in close proximity to the project area;
  • A commitment to rehabilitate the landscape on the slopes of the reservoirs and the assembly areas.

Generi 2 Office Building, National Government Compound, Jerusalem

A Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project of planning, financing, construction, operation, and transfer back to Government.

The project is designed in accordance with the 5281 green building standard.

The design has allowed for the broadest possible amount of open spaces for workers and visitors to the building – of the total area of 10,500 square meters, approximately 8,000 square meters are designated for development. The green spaces and development areas are mainly located above the parking garage ceilings and on the building itself through use of the most advanced sealing and gardening systems.