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Sustainability in Practice

Shikun & Binuis adoption of the vision of sustainability has led to many far reaching changes in the Groups organizational structure, in the fields in which the Group operates and invests and in the day-to-day conduct of the Groups managers and employees.
Examples of the Implementation of Sustainability Principles in Company Projects:
The Promenade and Bicycle Path in the Megiddo Regional Council
A collaborated effort by Shikun & Binui, the JNF, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Israel Electric Company and the Megiddo Regional Council has produced a new promenade and bicycle path in the Ramat Menashe Biosphere in the Megiddo Regional Council, for the benefit of the local residents and the many visitors in the region.
In Thursday, October 25, 2012, the promenade and bicycle path was inaugurated in the presence of the Head of the Megiddo Regional Council, the Vice Chairman of the JNF, Mr. Menachem Leibovitz, the CEO of the Shikun & Binui Group, Ofer Kotler, additional senior Shikun & Binui personnel, representatives of the Electric Company, the Ministry of Agriculture and additional dignitaries.
The project is located in Megiddo and will be the first paved competitive bicycle path in Israel. The path is expected to decrease the volume of pedestrians and cyclers on the roads, as it provides as a suitable alternative for hikers and cyclers.
Shikun & Binui maintains 20% of the PFI roads in the Megiddo Regional Council and the company is responsible for upgrading the Regional Councils roads and maintaining them at a high standard for the next 20 years.
The new promenade and bicycle path project is very much aligned with Shikun & Binuis sustainability vision.
The pedestrian and bicycle path is circular (is adapted to persons with disabilities). The path will be linked to the parks main artery and shall be part of network of bicycle paths in the Ramat Menashe Park and in the entire region.
The Company hopes that, in the long run, the project will lead to strengthening recreational pass-time activities in the region and its surroundings as well as family and community values. Riding, extreme sport and navigation competitions and events will be held at the park and it will serve as an educational boarding school/incubator for cyclers who will enjoy infrastructures that are adapted to all forms of cycling.
Test Case: Pure Chalomot Hasharon, Building 1


Shikun & Binui Real Estate, a leader in creating sustainable living environments, is building its residential buildings in compliance with the Israeli Green Building Standard. As a pioneer in adopting the green building standard, the Company has set a high standard by being awarded the Outstandingly Green ranking for residential buildings. The Pure project in East Netanya demonstrates how developers and entrepreneurs who apply diligent design along with rigorous compliance with the Green Building Standard 5281, can be recognized and awarded.


Transplanting and Preserving Trees


As part of the Groups commitment to sustainability, we carry out complicated preservation procedures for trees and transplant them from construction sites to alternative locations. For example, Solel Boneh transplanted and preserved ancient Eucalyptus, Ficus and Sycamore trees during the construction of the new Tel Aviv Court House.


Some of the Companys Ground Breaking Changes:
Appointing a VP Planning and Sustainability


In 2007, Shikun & Binui appointed a VP Planning and Sustainability to be a member of the Companys management. This was unique among business organizations of Shikun & Binuis size and the first time such a VP was appointed in Israel.

The role of the VP Sustainability is to guarantee that the approach adopted by the Group indeed becomes an integral part of its day-to-day business activity. The VP Sustainability creates ways to integrate sustainability into the Groups day-to-day operations beginning from the strategic choices of projects and ventures, through supervising the implementation of management resolutions relating to sustainability in the framework of the Groups various local and international projects, and culminating with delineating policy regarding the day-to-day conduct in the Companys offices (electricity and water conservation, reducing printing and photocopying, involving employees in the Groups social initiatives, etc.).


Expanding the Fields of Activity of the Groups Subsidiaries: Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy and Shikun & Binui Water


Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy, Shikun & Binui Groups environmental subsidiary, is engaged in the main environmental fields, and particularly in the fields of energy and waste management. Shikun & Binui Water is the Groups water subsidiary.


Shikun & Binui Environmental Activities:

  • International Solar Energy Fields
  • Energy and Electricity Production in Israel
  • Installation of Solar PV Systems on Residential and Office Buildings
  • Water Management
  • Water Quality Improvement
  • Desalinization Facilities
  • Treatment of Wastewater
  • Manufacturing of Electricity Conserving and Energy Efficient Products


Establishing and Adopting an Israeli Green Building Standard


The Shikun & Binui Group is proud to be among the founding members of the Israeli Green Building Council, and among the parties that drafted the Israeli Green Building Standard (Standard 5281). Standard 5281 is currently a non-binding standard, which was voluntarily adopted by Shikun & Binui, with the intent to pioneer the transformation of advanced green standards into customary industry standards that are used in Israeli building and construction as this could have a deep and fundamental impact on the building and infrastructure industry in Israel and would significantly contribute to achieving the State of Israels goal regarding reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Formulating a Sustainability Focused Strategy and Five-Year Plan


Sustainability as an organizational concept requires long-term thinking and ongoing responsibility for the Companys products and outputs. Therefore, the Group has decided to act in accordance with a clear strategy and a five-year plan, which is meant to facilitate fair and balanced processes without the fluctuations that are characteristic of balance sheets and short-term statements and reports.


Establishing an Internal Sustainability Forum


The Groups Sustainability Forum is comprised of employees from all of the Groups companies, representing a wide spectrum of positions from senior managers through on-site employees. The forum meets once a month to discuss matters related to implementing sustainability in the Groups day-to-day activities.

The members of the Forum participate in ongoing sustainability training workshops, and they then share their knowledge and information with their colleagues and spread it throughout the entire organization.

The Forum is an independent entity that drafts policy statements for the company in many fields, such as sustainability policies, employment policies, purchase policies, environmental policies. To date, the Sustainability Policy has been written and formally approved. The drafting of the Purchase Policy has been completed and it is currently in the process of being approved.

Shikun & Binui is a global company that is aware that the road to a sustainable society and to a sustainable business market is a long one. In some of the countries in which we operate and with some of our partners, the road may still be long and strewn with obstacles. However, we are convinced that the only way to progress towards turning our vision into reality is to start the journey, one step at a time, and to continue to aspire for a better future.