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Sustainable Development

Since 2008 the majority of the worlds population is living in cities.
There is a growing human need for urban development. However, accelerated, irresponsible and shortsighted development has had a devastating effect on the natural environment and on the quality of all of our lives (global warming, water and air pollution, natural resources depletion, extinction of species, etc.)
In 1987, the World Commission for Environment and Development, known as the Brundtland Commission, published the Our Common Future report. The report recognized humanitys responsibility for the severe state of the Earth and acknowledged humanitys overall commitment to reduce and repair environmental damage.
The report defined this as Sustainable Development:
Sunstainable Development is development which meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future denerations to meet their own needs
This definition expresses the friction between the human need for economic and technological development and the need to protect and preserve nature and its resources, while presenting an option of balancing between such two needs.
As the leading infrastructure and real estate group in Israel a multidisciplinary and international business group, whose long existing companies were leading partners in developing the country and its infrastructures, from as early as before the establishment of the State Shikun & Binuis conduct has a decisive impact on the way the country is built and developed, and Shikun & Binuis commitment to sustainability is meant to guarantee that this impact shall be as positive as possible for the benefit of the population that uses its services today, as well as the benefit of the future generations.