Our Environment, Our Future

Build up program


In accordance with its role as a leading business group, whose outputs have a significant and long term impact on our living environment, Shikun & Binui is aware of the heavy responsibility it bears. Shikun & Binuis operations aim not only to attain economic success, but also to contribute to the world becoming a better place.
The responsibility Shikun & Binui has taken is reflected in the fact that Shikun & Binui does not suffice with complying with the statutory mandatory standards and regulations, but rather has undertaken to abide by stricter standards and regulations, in accordance with its commitment to balance economic, environmental and social considerations that relate to its operations and activities.

Environmental Responsibility: Preventing Pollution, Recycling Waste, Efficient Resource and Energy Use, Restoration and Development, Adopting Green Environment Conditions

Social Responsibility: Human Rights, Terms of Engagement and Employment, Consumerism, Cooperation with NGOs, Social Initiatives.

Economic Responsibility: Ethics, Stability, Transparency, Battle against Corruption