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Stakeholder Engagement Policy

Shikun & Binui Ltd. - Stakeholder Engagement Policy

1. Who are our stakeholders?
Shikun & Binui Group, its subsidiaries and the business units under its control have many stakeholders some are permanent and some vary, some at group and subsidiaries level and some on the local level in our various projects around the world.

Our stakeholders are individuals, groups or organizations from all sectors and sizes, which may be significantly affected by the group's direct or indirect activity or significantly affect its activity. Our stakeholders include, inter alia, employees, customers, shareholders, investors, financing bodies, governments, local councils and public institutes, business partners, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, local communities and neighbors, social and environmental organizations, trade unions and media.

2. Vision and objectives
"To be a leading business group that creates a sustainable, advanced environment in Israel and around the world, for us and for the next generations."
From Shikun & Binui Group's vision
Including our stakeholders is an important layer of the sustainability vision adopted by Shikun & Binui Group. Shikun & Binui, its managers and employees, strive to include major stakeholders related to the Group's activity in issues that are perceived as material for them or for the group. We will promote effective inclusion processes with our stakeholders as part of our business activity routine to examine solutions that accommodate their needs.
Stakeholder engagement helps us achieve the following objectives:
  • Creating shared value identification and realization of opportunities to create additional, real and sustainable value for the group and its stakeholders (win-win).
  • Reinforcing sustainable business growth identification of trends that may direct and affect the group's business tasks, and adjust our way of action to the changing needs of our stakeholders and to the challenges that emerge in the local and global arenas.
  • Instilling the group's values instilling the group's values in the group's employees and managers, coupled with connecting our stakeholders to the group's vision and finding common ground for long-term success.
  • Risk management promote dispute resolution and removal of barriers that may arise in connection with the group's activity, thereby reducing risks associated with groups activities.
3. Management of stakeholder engagement processes
Shikun & Binui addresses the expectations and needs of its stakeholders. We are committed to comply with all the regulatory applicable requirements in this regard and also to exceed them in order to develop a positive, trust-based and long-term relationship with our stakeholders.
We are committed to maintain stakeholder engagement processes based on the following principles:
  • Proactivity promote communication with our stakeholders using varied means and in the earliest possible stage of the project.
  • Effectiveness establish effective engagement processes with our stakeholders and allocate the required resources to that end.
  • Methodically - manage engagement processes in a professional, structured manner and produce lessons in favor of improving future processes.
  • Flexibility examine essential issues arising in the engagement processes openly, with agility and good will, and adjust solutions to given circumstances.
  • Transparency manage engagement processes in a clear, effective and methodological manner, act with the required transparency, and make the relevant information accessible to the extent possible.
  • Responsiveness provide suitable solutions for the needs, views and aspirations of our stakeholders throughout the stages of the process, to the extent possible.
4. Engagement process outline
We periodically map the group's major stakeholders in all areas of activity and act to identify the essential issues that may arise with them, define a desirable engagement process framework, and act to create effective engagement processes.
We invite our stakeholders to contact us with respect of any issue to Adi Raanan, Adv., Environment & Sustainability Manager at the following e-mail: sustainability@shikunbinui.com.
Review date: August 24th, 2017