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Renewable Energy


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In the photovoltaic (PV) field, SBRE currently operates 15MW of PV installations in Spain
(50% ownership) and 26.2MW in Israel. It is currently constructing plants with 18MW of capacity, and developing 165MW. To date, SBRE has realized 24MW of PV installations, generating a profit of ~$25 million.
Mid-Sized Ground PV Installations
  • ~165MW of land and rooftop projects in different stages of development
  • Initiation and development of PV projects on land and rooftops. Expected to operate for 20 years.
    • Timna - 6MW
    • Sde Boker - 5MW
    • Hatzerim - 6MW



  • Ownership of 15MW in 3 different parks:
    • Olmeda - 7MW
    • La Herrera - 4.7MW
    • Corvera - 3.3MW
  • Investment of approx. €100 million
  • Shikun & Binui holding: 50%
  • End of construction 9/2008

PV station

Hatzerim, Israel
PV Plant, Hatzerim
Photo: Eagle Aerial Photography

PV station

Moshav Adanim, Israel
PV station

PV solar field

La Herrera, Spain
 PV solar field