Our Environment, Our Future

April 2015, Real Estate Campaign
April 2015, Renewable Energy Campaign


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November, 2015: Sustainability at Home 3rd Campaign

During November, 2015, Shikun & Binui launched the third stage of its "Sustainability at Home" campaign which focuses on digital media.
In the framework of the campaign, video clips and digital advertisements that provide web-users with information about Shikun & Binui's green neighborhoods and the benefits that the residents of such neighborhoods reap, were broadcast on various digital content channels and social media networks.

April 2015: Sustainability at Home - 2nd Campaign

During August, 2015, Shikun & Binui relaunched its "Sustainability at Home" campaign, broadcasting related video clips on television and additional media.
As part of the campaign which presents consumers with the advantages of living in a sustainable environment and the practical profit that can be gained from implementing sustainability principles in the residential environment, an extensive content project was launched in September, 2015, on television and additional digital media, focusing on families that implement sustainability values in their home environment. For example, the project invites web-users to Shikun & Binui's site on the MAKO website, which includes a variety of sustainability-related activities. In the framework of the one of the activities, families in Israel were invited to share with others what makes them a "green family". The winning family was awarded an electric bicycle.

April 2015: Sustainability at Home

During April of 2015, Shikun & Binui launched a new campaign which includes two television commercial video clips, digital content activity, advertisements in the press, radio commercials and internal organizational activity.
In the framework of the campaign Shikun & Binui has chosen to present its consumers with the advantages of living in an environment that is designed in accordance with sustainability principles and to demonstrate the profit that each and every resident can gain, both in the present and in the future, from implementing sustainability values in the home environment.
In order to reflect Shikun & Binui's strategy, which is based on focusing on the consumer's perspective, it was decided that the "Builder", Shikun & Binui's beloved and endearing "presenter", who previously appeared in Shikun & Binui campaigns, shall present the message. The "Builder", a character who portrays an employee of Shikun & Binui and a resident of a green Shikun & Binui neighborhood, undertakes to explain sustainability to the consumers.
In the first video clip, which focuses on real estate, the "Builder" illustrates how green building benefits residents and enables them to save money on electricity and water bills while also preserving the environment.
The second video clip focuses on renewable energy and its contribution to clean air and to creating healthier and better living environments.
The digital campaign shall lead web-surfers to a designated web-page where they will be able to expand their knowledge about implementing sustainability values in the home environment and the advantages of doing so.


April 2014: 90 Years of Building the Future Campaign

In the framework of Shikun & Binui's 90th anniversary celebrations, the Group launched a new advertising campaign in April, 2014, in which it presented the achievements of the tens of thousands of its past and present employees, and acknowledged their accomplishments throughout the years and across the globe.
Besides the campaign's video clip which was broadcast on commercial television channels and various websites, a unique YouTube channel was launched, named "90 Stories for 90 Years", where moving video clips describing the entrepreneurship and construction of generations of employees and partners of the Group, can be viewed.
To view the YouTube channel, please click here

September 2013: Launch of Third Campaign Video Clip - Shikun & Binui Water

In September, 2013, the third animation video clip of Shikun & Binui's campaign, presenting the activity of the Shikun & Binui companies, was launched. The video clip presented the activity of the Shikun & Binui Water subsidiary, which significantly contributes to the realization of the Group's vision.
The launch of the campaign was accompanied by on-line activities, in which the surfers on the web were invited to play an interactive game about saving water, to answer questions about water and sustainability and to win prizes.

December 2012: Launch of Second Campaign Video Clip Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy

In December, 2012, the campaign's second video clip was launched, presenting the activity of the Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy subsidiary, which in effect is implementing the principles of sustainability and the public message and concept which has been accompanying the Group in the past recent years: "Our Future, Our Environment".

April 2012, Launch of a New Advertising Language for Shikun & Binui

In April, 2012, Shikun & Binui launched a new advertising language in a campaign which emphasizes the Group's local and international activity, while preserving and protecting the environment and using advanced and ground-breaking technologies.
The Group chose a unique and innovative animated campaign that was created by Snowball Animation to reflect Shikun & Binuis unique strategy.
The first video clip of the series, which presented Shikun & Binui Real Estate's activity, was awarded 1st place in the Annual Israel Animation Event, Assif 2012, in the "Commercial" category for its 3-D animation: for the quality of the animation and the production; and for creating a unique style that translates carton language into 3-D.