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Maala Index for Corporate Responsibility

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Shikun & Binui participated in the Maala Corporate Social Responsibility Index (2017) and received the highest "Platinum Plus" rating for the second consecutive year, after having been awarded the "Platinum" rating when it had first participated in the index in 2015.

The Maala Index examines various aspects of the Company's activity transparency, corporate governance, environmental policy, fair employment and treatment of suppliers.

The Group's high rating reflects its determined effort to realize its vision: To be a leading business group that creates sustainable living environments.

As part of the steps that the Group takes in order to share its sustainability-related activities with the public, Shikun & Binui published a Corporate Responsibility Report for this year which presents data regarding the Company's corporate responsibility activities, from its carbon footprint, through the employment opportunities it creates and the environmental and social impact of the projects it builds.

As a leading company in its fields of operation, Shikun & Binui sets high standards of corporate responsibility and paves the way for additional companies in the field.

By participating in the rating Shikun & Binui is also included in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange's Maala Index.

For additional details regarding the fields that are rated and the marks awarded to Shikun & Binui, click here.