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BUILDUP - S&B Innovation Community

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Infrastructure for the Future City
We believe that in a world that is becoming more crowded and urban, there is a need to combine sustainability with groundbreaking innovation.
Shikun & Binui invites entrepreneurs, planners, engineers, and inventors to take part in planning and building the infrastructure for the Future City.
What were looking for?
* A winning and feasible technology or concept in one of the core issues of our business activities
* Efficiency and economy in work processes and shortening construction schedules for transportation infrastructure, residential and commercial buildings, and power plants based on renewable energy.
* A competitive advantage in the global business arena
* Operative collaborations with young companies and entrepreneurs to examine the ideas selected by us, in Shikun & Binui projects.
What we offer?
* Introduction and connection to the business activity of Israels leading real estate and environmental infrastructures group.
* Accompaniment by professionals who will help you adapt the project to the markets existing conditions and needs.
* An implementation track including the examination of suitable ventures selected in beta sites for existing projects.
* Exposure to the global activity by the groups companies in the fields of infrastructure, real estate, and environment.