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Biofiltration - BF

What is a Biofilter?

Biofilters use naturally occurring microorganisms to treat air containing such odorous substances as reduced sulfur compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Microorganisms reside on the surface of the biofilter media and only require irrigation water and small quantities of nutrient. Microorganisms consume these odorous contaminants for energy and, in the process, cleanse the air.

  • Ultra low operating costs. Operating costs are a fraction compared to other energy-hungry
  • No dangerous chemical storage. No dangerous chemicals are required for operation, minimizing exposure to employees and the public.
  • Simple, low-cost O&M. The self-regulating system is easy to operate and does not require
    any time-consuming instrument calibration.
  • Long media life. Our engineered media is designed to give maximum performance and up
    to 10 years of active life.

  • Based on the leading technology from Envirogen Technologies Inc., A partner of Shikun & Binui. For more information please visit www.envirogen.com.