Our Environment, Our Future

A video clip presenting Shikun & Binuis sustainability activities was shown during the award ceremony.
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2013 Green Globe

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The Shikun & Binui group received the 2013 Green Globe Award from the Israeli Union of Environmental NGOs - Life and Environment (Chaim VeSviva), in honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2013) and in recognition of Shikun & Binuis adoption and implementation of sustainability principles and practices in its building and construction projects.
The Green Globe Awards are granted by environmental organizations for excellence in environmental activity in government, the business sector and civil society.
The Green Globe Awards are granted in a festive ceremony in the framework of the events in honor of Earth Hour, in the presence of the Minister of Environmental Protection.
Over the past five years, Shikun & Binui has adopted sustainability as the Groups vision, and has been widely promoting sustainability in various channels, through all of its subsidiaries in Israel and around the world.
The Group integrates environmental, social and economic values in all aspects of its activity, with its employees, suppliers and the general public.
The Group aims to construct all of its local and international projects in compliance with green building standards, while taking natural resources into consideration and conserving them, and creating healthy and high quality living environments.