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Since before the establishment of the State of Israel and until this very day, Solel Boneh has had a central role in the construction and infrastructure field in Israel, and as such, has, over the years, successfully carried out national and public projects and ventures. Solel Boneh's involvement over the years in countless national projects, including in the largest, leading and most significant projects in Israel, along with its experience in carrying out complex engineering works, infrastructure works, roads, bridges and interchanges, public institutions, foundation works underground construction, environmental projects and residential neighborhoods – have led it to becoming one of the leading and most well-known companies in Israel today.
Over the years, the Company has established a broad clientele, including:

Government Ministries:

The Ministry of Transportation
The Ministry of Defense
The Ministry of National Infrastructures
The Ministry of Public Security
The Ministry of Construction and Housing
Local Authorities and Municipal Associations:
"Derech Eretz" – The Operator of the Cross Israel Highway
Leading development and entrepreneurship companies in Israel

Government Authorities and Subsidiaries:

NTA - Metropolitan Mass Transit System (the Light Rail Project)
The Israel Natural Gas Lines Company (a project to construct and operate a national natural gas transmission infrastructure)
Mekorot – The National Water Company
The Airports Authority
The Ports Authority
The Ayalon Highway Company
The Israel Electric Company
The Israel Roads Company (Ma'atz – the National Roads Company)
Israel Railroads, and more
Solel Boneh's excellent, highly skilled and experienced engineering personnel are its primary and predominant asset and significantly contribute to its excellent reputation.
In order to meet the standards expected of a leading, experienced and prestigious company, the Company continuously monitors and inspects its activity, through its Quality Assurance and Quality Control Department.

Additionally, Solel Boneh has been awarded the following certification by the Israel Standards Institution:
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems

The Company has proven ability in carrying out the largest and most complex projects. The projects listed below are among the main projects that are either currently, or have recently been, carried out by the Company:

Construction of the Police Training Complex
The Offices of the State Comptroller and Ombudsman
The Carmel Tunnels – together with the Ashtrum Company
The Desalinization Facility in Hadera – the largest facility of its kind in the world – together with the IDE Company
A water filtering and treatment facilities project – "Maagar Eshcol", the National Water Carrier, together with Black & Veatch
A project to build and operate a natural gas transmission system – together with the Italian Ghizzoni Company
Government and public buildings – the Yitzhak Rabin Center, the Beer Sheva University, the Police Headquarters in Haifa, the Government Complex in Haifa
The Tel Aviv Courthouse
The Cross Israel Highway and other highways throughout the country – paving roads and building bridges and interchanges
Commercial and industrial complexes – the Givatayim Shopping Mall, Office Buildings in Jerusalem - the "Rad-Binat Building", a retirement home in Jerusalem, Office Buildings in Ramat Gan/Bnei Barak – the "B.S.R Buildings"
Railway tracks and bridges – Ben Gurion Airport
Ports – Haifa Port, Quay B, Ashdod Port