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Selected Projects

Ibadan Shagamu

Construction of Ibadan-shagamu road in Nigeria

Loko-Oweto Bridge

Construction of Loko-Oweto Bridge and Approach Roads|Nigeria
2011 - 2015

Hidroelectrica Palo Viejo

Hidroelectrica Palo Viejo|Guatemala
January 2009 - February 2012

Shikun & Binui – S.B.I. Infrastructure Ltd. (“S.B.I.”) is the Shikun & Binui Group's global infrastructures company, which implements civil engineering, development and construction projects abroad. SBI International Holdings AG (“SBI AG”), Switzerland, fully controlled by S.B.I., is the International implementation arm of the company.

S.B.I.’s rich experience, and as part of the Shikun & Binui Group, enables the company to provide solutions to a wide range of requirements in the projects in which it is involved and to accomplish a wide range of abilities, including: public works, roads and highways, bridges, water and wastewater plants, telecommunications, hydroelectric power plants (HPP), quarries, asphalt and concrete processing plants. >>