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Shikun & Binui  S.B.I. Infrastructure

For over five decades SBI Infrastructures has been playing a major role in a wide range of fields of expertise and services in the construction of hundreds of leading projects around the world, in all aspects of civil engineering, development and construction, both as a contractor and as an entrepreneur. SBIs abilities and experience include paving thousands of kilometers of highways, building bridges and airports, performing construction works, constructing water and sewage projects, telecommunications, hydroelectric and thermal power plants, quarries and factories. SBIs current main locations of operation are Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Central America, Central Europe (Romania) and Asia (Azerbaijan).


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Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh - Infrastructure

Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh Infrastructure is the leading construction and infrastructure company in Israel and has been for more than nine decades.
Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh Infrastructures performs complex mega projects, power plants and industrial facilities (EPC).
The company specializes in paving roads and building bridges and interchanges, public buildings and office towers, commercial centers, underground works, tunnels, chimneys and marine works. The company has factories for manufacturing concrete, asphalt and prefabs.

As part of the Shikun & Binui Groups sustainability vision, Solel Boneh applies sustainability values at all of its sites, including by maintaining constant and continuous contact with stakeholders related to the project, preserving the surroundings of the worksites and values of nature, on-site sorting of waste for recycling, using materials that bear a green standard, and more.


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Real Estate Development

Local Real Estate Development

Shikun & Binui Real Estate is Shikun & Binuis entrepreneurial arm in Israel and the largest real estate company in Israel. Ever since it was founded more than 80 year ago, the company has successfully realized its vision to build and develop the land of Israel in accordance with the populations changing needs, and Israels construction and development needs while building more than 190 thousand apartments across the country, which house approximately one million Israelis. Shikun & Binui Real Estate designs and constructs residential neighborhoods and commercial centers throughout the country, while considering the customers needs and sustainability values. All the projects that are designed and constructed by the Shikun & Binui Real Estate are built in compliance with the Green Building Standard. Shikun & Binui Real Estate is leading the green building revolution in Israel.

An outstanding example of a project in which sustainability values are implemented is the Chalomot Karkur (Karkur Dreams) project - A country-style real estate project built around a green park and a shaded playground. The successful project was built in the green community of Karkur and offers its residents community services at walking distance and easy access to the train and the main traffic arteries. This is the first project in Israel to be awarded the 5281 standard certification for multi-residential green buildings upon construction completion.


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International Real Estate Development

Shikun & Binui Real Estate Development is the international development arm of the Shikun & Binui Group. Shikun & Binui Real Estate Development has been operating in Central and Eastern Europe since 2001, in all aspects of real estate.
One exemplary project in which sustainability values are applied is the OC project in the Czech Republic, a residential project that is being constructed in a residential suburb of Prague. The project was designed and built in a less crowded manner than defined in the City Building Plan, so that it would blend with the existing construction in the area.
The project includes a mixture of residential, commercial and educational (nursery school) uses. The construction defines public spaces, a park and green areas that also include green rooftops, in an attempt to create a platform for quality of life, social gatherings and a sense of community. The variety of apartments that were designed enables diversity among the resident population.


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Shikun & Binui Concession Projects
Shikun & Binui Concessions focuses and specializes in developing, financing and performing mega PPP projects in Israel and around the world, in the transportation, desalination, water, energy and social infrastructure fields.
The Concessions Division combines Shikun & Binuis capabilities in construction and operation of large scale infrastructure projects with extensive knowledge in finance and in-depth familiarity with the public sector. This unique combination makes Shikun & Binui a leading figure in the PPP field in Israel that is involved in most of the existing projects in Israel, and in a wide variety of global mega projects. The Concessions Division closely accompanies and leads projects from the publication of the initial stages of the tender, through the financing stage the financial closing, throughout the entire term of the construction and operation, until sale.
The Concessions Divisions projects are designed, constructed and managed in accordance with the Shikun & Binui Groups sustainability vision.


Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy operates throughout the entire chain of value of energy projects, in general, and renewable energy projects, in particular (ownership, concession, construction and operation).
Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy operates electricity production facilities, in Israel and abroad, including photovoltaic solar power plants, which produce clean electricity by means of solar energy. Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy also engages in entrepreneurship, technology development and planning, engineering and construction capabilities in the renewable energy field (particularly in the thermo solar field), and is the owner of a conventional power plant and in constructing a power plant based on natural gas.
In addition to constructing projects that it owns, Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy offers its customers construction and integration services for photo-voltaic solar systems.