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Thermal Solar Power Plant at the Ashalim Complex

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Photos: Gilad Kallaverchik
Capacity: 110 MW

On June 20, 2013, the Negev Energy company, which is owned by Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy (50%), Noy Fund (40%) and TSK (10%), was awarded the tender to establish a thermo-solar power plant at the Ashalim Complex in the Negev. The tender is a BOT tender, for financing, construction and operation.

The facility shall have a total production capacity of approximately 110 MW (one of the largest of its kind worldwide), and the electricity generated therein shall be sold in its entirety to the Electricity Company under an agreement for 25 years from the commencement of operation.

The electricity shall be generated in the facility using a thermo-solar technology, which primarily concentrates the solar radiation for the production of thermal (heat) energy and converts it into electricity using conventional means (steam turbines), with minimal use of natural gas solely for reinforcement/backup purposes, while generating clean electricity, and minimizing the emission of pollutants into the air.

The power plant shall be constructed at an anticipated investment of approximately 1.1 billion Dollars and is expected to be erected by 2018.

The project is anticipated to significantly contribute to economic development and employment in the Negev, and hundreds of employees shall be employed during the 3 years of the projects construction, and dozens of employees during the entire course of the facilitys lifespan.