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Real Estate

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The BdiCode 2014 ranking has ranked the Shikun & Binui Ltd. Group as the leading construction and real estate group in Israel in 2014, ranking it first both in terms of turnover and in terms of scope of activity (August 2014) * Shikun & Binui Real Estate launched the Chalomot Rosh Haayin project, that offers perfect quality of life, proximity to all of the citys community services, rich apartment specifications and all of the advantages of green building (June 2013) * Shikun & Binui receives the Green Globe Award from the Israeli Union of Environmental NGOs - Life and Environment (Chaim VeSviva), in honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2013) and in recognition of Shikun & Binuis adoption and implementation of sustainability principles and practices in its building and construction projects. (April 2013) * At Shikun & Binui Real Estates initiative: protected wild flowers were removed from an area designated for construction (January 2013) *
Shikun & Binui published a Report which surveys the Groups sustainability-related activities in 2013. Read more

Chalomot Rosh Haayin Hachadasha

A green project in the new neighborhood of Rosh Haayin, offering perfect quality of life, just a few minutes drive from Tel Aviv, in close proximity to all of the citys high quality community services, with rich apartment specifications and all of the advantages of green building.

Chalomot Tzukei Hashmura

A unique sea-front project, facing the Iris Nature Reserve in Netanya, designed in perfect harmony with nature. Outstanding building materials were selected to ensure the building maintains long lasting quality and elegance.


The Time Tower is all about elegance and prestige: with its clean lines, it has a look that is not subject to whims of fashion but will remain contemporaneous for many years to come.

Pure Chalomot Hasharon

A high quality complex, next to an enchanting woods, with developed infrastructures and facilities. The project was designed in accordance with Green Building Standard 5281 and was the first in Israel to be awarded a green standard certification.

Ir Yamim

In March of 2012, the Ir Yamim Mall opened to the public in the prestigious Ir Yamim neighborhood in Netanya. The mall was built by Shikun & Binui Real Estate together with Azorim, and spreads over 58 Dunam.

The Carmel Tunnels

An advanced toll road system that was constructed to improve the quality of life of the residents of Haifa and the North and to significantly reduce the time it takes to cross the city. This is the first urban toll road system of its kind in Israel.

Hadera Desalination Facility

The desalination facility in Hadera was established by Shikun & Binui adjacent to the Orot Rabin power plant in Hadera. H2ID, a consortium of IDE technologies, and Shikun & Binui, which financed, built and operates the desalination facility, won the BOT project.

Highway 6

The Cross Israel Highway is the first road in Israel that was paved as a BOT project and is also the longest highway in Israel and the first toll road in Israel. To date, the road is 138km long, has 12 interchanges, two tunnels (500m) and 100 bridges.

Shneor Thermo Solar Power Station in Tzeelim

Shkiun & Binui Renewable Energy, together with Kibbutz Tzeelim in the Negev, is promoting a project to design, finance, establish and operate a thermo solar power plant in a net scope of approximately 120MW, on approximately 3,000 Dunam of Kibbutz land.

Shikun & Binui is Israels leading infrastructure and real estate group. The Groups companies are involved in large-scale projects in Israel and abroad, and have proven achievements in the construction of residential neighborhoods and commercial and public buildings, as well as in the establishment, financing and operation of huge ventures in the fields of transportation infrastructure, ecology, water purification and desalination, and international project development.